Spring Clean



Spring has come round and the weather is warming up. I think it might be time to start that spring clean!
There are many great tips to clearing out your home but we recommend starting in one room, starting with just one category at a time and making your way away around your home at a slow and steady pace. It can be a very over whelming process so a slow and steady pace will be sure to get you through it. We all know how much of a struggle it can be to let go of sentimental pieces, so leave these until last. Once you have worked your way around the room you should feel a little more inclined and ready to part as you begin to get the hang of the process and what it is you want to achieve.

These are the top questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to your spring clean…


Is this item something I use on a regular basis?
Look at the item and be honest with yourself. Do you use it on a regular basis? If the answer is yes then you probably can’t do without it. If the answer is no, and it’s not an item you regularly use then ask yourself if this item is something you love. If you really do love this item then keep it, if you do not then let it go.


Is this item, being kept out of obligation or expectation?
Gifts and sentimental items are probably the hardest and most difficult items to let go of. 
It may be difficult to let go of a gift and you may be worried about hurting people’s feelings but never let the sentimental value of an item get in the way of you and your home. It’s just as okay to declutter a gift as it is to declutter your own things. After all, if you don’t really love it, someone else may. Every person is individually different, never feel obliged to keep things that aren’t to your taste our use. The best way of thinking is, “this item will become wasted and only take up space in my home if I keep it. At least if I let it go, someone else could get a more fulfilled use out of it than me.”


Is this item being kept because I love it, or because I think I should love it?
It might be something you picked up because it was a hot trend but or an old hobby you once loved but no longer have interest for. Times change, things change, don’t feel disheartened or keep it just for the sake of it. Make decisions based on how you feel, not how you think you should feel.


Use your imagination, “If I was just buying this now, how much would I pay?”.
Your imagination can trigger elements in making the process a lot more logistical and easier for you to digest. Asking yourself these sort of questions will also help you to understand if it is an item you really would love to keep or one which you are no longer interested in as you were once before.


Use boxes or trash bags to create categories.
One could be a bag for goodwill, another could be items you want to sell, and lastly items you want to discard. This forces you to think critically about an item whilst at the same time knowing the potential use of it if you are not to keep it. The process helps you to acknowledge the condition of the item and the benefits you might be able to reap from a perfectly conditioned item and how it can be used if you decide not to keep it.


Lastly. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
De-cluttering takes time and can be a lengthy process. Remember that you are only doing your very best and if at times you feel like giving up, think to yourself why you started the process to begin with and how much of a change it can make to yours and others lives by giving away the items you wished not to keep to the more needy. You can only do so much in a day, so remember to make a list of areas you want to tackle one step at a time. This could be your clothes, your shoes, arts and crafts, make up, books etc. Choose just ONE category, in ONE room to focus on at a time. A small completed project is for more satisfying than one that will go on and on, and create a mess in the room to an extent that it no longer becomes useful. Be wise and think practically, what it is and how you can achieve in the time given.
You can do this!



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