Butterfly Travertine Coasters

Set of 4 beautiful Brassica Napus travertine coasters.

These beautiful coasters are hand drawn and created by our Interior and Textile designer Jessica Evans.
The inspiration of the design originated from the Buddlea, commonly known as the 'butterfly bush' which is a common garden bush within Britain, owing to their attractiveness to butterflies.
The design itself is of a butterfly from the Swallowtail, Papilionidae family, which sits amongst these garden shrubs.

This hand drawn pattern looks absolutely timeless in any interior, a classic touch of the British countryside brought into your home and a great conversation starter with guest whilst you sip on your tea and coffee with one another.

The coasters are sealed with a waterproof coating for durability.

Felt feet are then positioned on the underside to protect your furniture.

All our coasters are made and wrapped beautifully with loads of love and care.

A perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

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