Mirror mirror on the wall




Light is such a life changing factor in a home, most potential buyers are attracted to the sense of light within a property, it almost instantly makes your property that much more appealing than the darker one next door that they visited the other day!
Light within a room not only makes it feel like a welcoming space to be in, but it also makes the room feel much larger and appear far more spacious. Which lets face it, space is always something everyone is looking for when they buy a home!

Small spaces can be so beautiful, but without the right co ordination and placing of accessories and furniture in the correct places you may find yourself watching potential buyers simply come and go. Some people just can’t see beyond it!

The trick to small spaces are mirrors!

The key to incorporating mirrors into your space is to place a large mirror on a wall opposite an open window with light flooding in. This will create a whirlwind of light in the space and my goodness it looks simply beautiful!
Another way to position a mirror within a space is to place them above that beautiful, characteristic mantle piece or fill that empty hallway wall with one.

Mirrors are the most beneficial for not only creating a sense of light within a space but also creating a point of interest and glamour too.






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