Fresh Flowers will bring your home to life

There really is nothing better than seeing a freshly painted home styled with beautiful furniture looking all ready to move in to. But sometimes it feels as though a lot of the time, a sense of peoples living and lifestyle is removed and stripped away by de-personalising a space. While often this is a good thing to encourage the sale, it’s nice to see a sense of ‘life’ incorporated within the home in another way. The trick behind this is using potted plants and flowers in vases to create a fresh and inviting room. There is a wide variety and selection available for affordable prices even in your local grocery stores. Select colours which work cohesively within your room colour scheme or reflect the character and style of your home through the different types of flowers. For example, if the house you are trying to sell is a farmhouse in the countryside then select rustic flowers which reflect the sense of the surrounding landscapes, such as sunflowers, fox gloves, wild roses and gypsophila’s. Finish off the look by placing them in a rustic pot or vase and place them in the middle of your dining table or place them on that chunky wooden sideboard in a hallway.





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