Blank canvas your home




We all have different tastes on colours, interiors, textures and living. That is why, when it comes to selling your home it is within your best interest and a priority to present a clean but neutral house which appeals to a wide range of people,  opening up your prospects to more potential buyers, giving them the opportunity to put their own stamp on it and make it their own.

Taking all those photographs and memorable pieces of artwork off your walls, and totally stripping it down to make it look and feel like a blank canvas to any potential buyer. This is when the emotional side really kicks in if you have a real and deep connection to your home. Sometimes clients often feel really disheartened, but I think the best thing to remember in this process is that whatever memories you made in that home will stay with you, close to your heart forever. Nothing but new memories will and can only flourish from every new and next step you take.

Small changes like these can often make a significant difference in your asking price. You may find people de valuing your property and making ridiculous offers just because they might not be able to see past a certain paint colour, wallpaper or flooring. Therefor thinking they are set up for a hefty project. Don’t let these things stop you from getting the asking price you want and deserve for your home. A small investment makes a hug difference in the long run. If you can show buyers that your home is ready to move in to, then they may be more willing to pay closer to your asking price than you think.







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