Accessorise Accessorise Accessorise

Accessorise your home with these stunning coasters. You can purchase them by clicking on the image above.


Accessorise your home like you’re painting a blank canvas with a colourful paint pallet!

Don’t be shy when it comes to accessorising, but also try not to get too carried away and spend vasts amounts of money on accesorise you don’t like or don’t intend to keep or reuse in your own home.

A house is just a house until you start making it look like a home where potential buyers can see themselves living!
Remember, personal items such as photographs are so valuable and heart warming for us, but the key is to help potential buyers see beyond these objects, sometimes the only way of doing this is by simply removing them and de personalising your home. It may feel really heart wrenching at the time but you need to give your property the best chance it has at selling and at least you know those photographs and personal belongings will stay with you wherever you may go.

Key points:
– Group objects in threes – this always seem to look the most aesthetically pleasing.
– Mix up horizontal objects along side portrait ones to add more interest on book cases and shelving.
– Layer and stack books on their sides and top them off with a pretty object.







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